Video: Narrative Visualization

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information in the age of data

I have had a tremendously difficult time describing what I do as an information graphics specialist. “Oh, you’re the pie chart guy,” I often hear. I then explain that a pie chart is one arrow in a vast quiver, and I rattle off a dozen more forms that an information graphic might take. When I say I do “data visualization” instead of information graphics, that usually just stops the questions cold.

That said, Geoff McGhee at Stanford University has produced a video that explains, with great clarity and depth, how people in the information graphics field tell stories with data and images.

The video covers the genres of narrative vizualization, the tools and the methods. It tells you who’s who in the field and provides advice for getting started in data visualization.

Next time I have difficultly explaining the profession, I’m just going to offer this video.


Images of military weapon systems

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The Defense Department maintains an online database of high-resolution images at I have only used the still images, but the database includes video as well. Above is an image of a Predator drone in Iraq (much higher resolution images are available than the one posted here.) Note the Hellfire missiles on its wings. This site is extremely useful for information graphics on military weapon systems, the defense budget and deployment. You can find photographs of all kinds of U.S. helicopters, armored vehicles, missiles, ships, and personnel.

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