Flood maps and charts

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national weather service flood monitor

The National Weather Service posts readings from river flood gauges to its Web site every 15 minutes. You can download the files as KMZ or SHP files to build your own maps. Below, an example of a map from the Wall Street Journal using this data.

You can also download the readings from individual flood gauges to build charts showing when flood waters will crest at a particular location.

national weather service flood stageE

Example from the Wall Street Journal


SSND online design winners

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The Student Society for News Design announced its awards for online design April 19. Syracuse and Missouri had strong showings. (Above is the splash page from Syracuse student David Miller’s piece, “Jerry’s Cabin.”

Among the winners:

Infographics http://apartfromwar.news21.com/stories/jerrys-cabin-veteran-home-infographic

Web sites:

Quick reference page

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Alex Johnson, a project reporter at CNBC.com and Washington Post alum, maintains this page of search fields for common online reporting tools: http://www.alex-johnson.com/quick-reference-page/

Definitely worth a bookmark.

Images of military weapon systems

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The Defense Department maintains an online database of high-resolution images at http://www.defenseimagery.mil. I have only used the still images, but the database includes video as well. Above is an image of a Predator drone in Iraq (much higher resolution images are available than the one posted here.) Note the Hellfire missiles on its wings. This site is extremely useful for information graphics on military weapon systems, the defense budget and deployment. You can find photographs of all kinds of U.S. helicopters, armored vehicles, missiles, ships, and personnel.

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