Investing goals

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Editors and designers of quarterly investor newsletters face the daunting challenge of putting a fresh take on familiar messages. This chart from T Rowe Price offers a new way of looking at asset allocation over time. It tackles the idea with a free-form visualization. Note how the chart hinges on a zero base for when you plan to spend your money and fans out to the left and right to depict years before and after the goal. The chart depicts asset allocations but lets the key handle the sub-asset categories. It’s easy to read and it tells you a lot.


Tornado reports

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

national weather service tornado reports
The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction center posts tornado reports in real time. This can be amazingly handy when trying to show a rash of twisters breaking out across the Midwest. The storm reports pageĀ posts them as a static map (not really useful), as well as in a CSV file that includes time and latitude/longitude, and most helpful, in a KML file.
Below is an example of a New York Times graphic using this data:

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