American Time Use Survey

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American Time Use Survey

Each year since 2003, usually in late June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a snapshot of how Americans use their time. The Wall Street Journal graphic shown here is one example of what you can do with numbers from the report. This graphic just scratches the surface. The BLS counts time use in a number of ways, and breaks it down by sex, age and employment status. The report also includes a section just on how Americans spend their leisure time. The American Time Use Survey can be found here:


Hispanic population

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While the Census Web site is generally your best bet for population data, you should consider using statistics from the Pew Hispanic Center if you are focusing on the Hispanic population. The Pew Hispanic Center provides a level of analysis that would be difficult for most infographic artists to tease out of datasets from the Census site, especially on deadline.

Some of you are probably curious about how Pew made this three-dimensional data map. I haven’t spoken to the cartographer who made this, so I can’t say for sure. But I have worked on similar maps using either Arcview’s 3D Analyst plugin or with the Bryce 3-D program. With Bryce you extrude a shaded data maps so that the percentage of gray in each county is translated into an elevation figure. Essentially you trick Bryce into thinking your data map is a digital elevation model (DEM), a file that cartographers use to portray mountains and valleys.

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