Mining statistics

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Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just wanted to share a source for production and reserves of various commodities:

This is the source of the Wall Street Journal graphic above.


Keep an eye out

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I was walking along a path on the Delaware River when I stumbled across some good infographics. Dirt covered the pathside display, and I almost missed them. I cleared them off with my hands and spent about five minutes taking in the information. Three graphics, interspersed with a chronology and other narratives, showed the mechanical operations of the lock system at a canal, the elevation to which each lock carried a boat and the locations of the locks along the river. Keep an eye out for smart infographics. They’ll turn up when you least expect them. (Click on each of the photos for a larger version)

Tallest buildings

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With the new tallest building, the Burj Dubai, getting ready to open its doors, it’s time to start comparing building heights again. Skyscrapers make for great infographics, and there should be plenty of opportunities for height-comparison diagrams in the coming years. By 2020, the Burj Dubai will be overtaken by three taller skyscrapers if funding holds out. (See graphic above.)

When you begin researching an infographic on skyscraper heights, start first at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. (┬áTheir “tallest database” has emerged as the accepted source at many news organizations.

Disagreements arise over whether to count spires and antennae on the tops of buildings. For instance, the council doesn’t include the antennae on the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago. Also, be careful to distinguish between the tallest BUILDINGS and the tallest STRUCTURES. The CN Tower in Toronto and a TV tower in North Dakota beat out former record-holder Taipae 101, but they are structures, not buildings with occupied floors.

Here is a recent Wall Street Journal infographic that intentionally mixes tall structures and buildings:


And a San Francicso Chronicle graphic from 2001:


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