Analysis of Iranian nuclear sites

October 13, 2009 § Leave a comment


With commercial satellites circling the globe it’s hard for nations to keep their construction sites a secret. Military analysts at various organizations keep track of these images and look for structures that could be nuclear facilities or signs of new activity at known sites. The satellite image above, believed to be Iran’s Qom centrifuge facility, was analyzed by the Institute for Science and International Security. Their report is here:

Below is GlobalSecurity’s take on the suspected site:


When news of Iran’s centrifuge facility broke in September of 2009, photo wires were offering DigitalGlobe’s satellite images of the “suspected” site in Iran. Since the site location hadn’t been confirmed by U.S., Iranian or IAEA officials, news organizations shied away from using the images.

A few days later, the New York Times ran an annotated satellite image of the suspected facility on their front page based on an analysis by IHS Jane’s.

Here is the IHS Jane’s release’s.htm

And an interactive version of the New York Times graphic:

Most of the military analysts use satellite images from either DigitalGlobe or GeoEye.


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